Month: February 2017

Smarter Home Entertainment Revolution

What does Android Box do?

As its name suggests, Android Box is based on the same Android software found on mobile phones, but tweaked to work on TV streaming devices.

Android Box makes any TV to be Smarter than smart, it’s like combining the best smart phone or tablet on steroids with big screen TV or Projector screen and any kind of remote control like mouse, keyboard, Gyro air mouse, game controller, normal TV remote etc. to get the best possible entertainment user experience of the future. You don’t need expensive PC or Game Boxes any more to be able to have the best entertainment. The biggest advantage of Android Box is option to install any Google play app and Kodi.

With Kodi you have the opportunity to watch almost everything for free and without subscription like TV shows, Movies, Live TV channels, Torrents, Youtube etc…

With Google Play store you can install any Android Game and play it on your TV using any game controller, keyboard or mouse. Or you can use the Miracast option to mirror your screen and play the any game from your smartphone on big screen using your smartphone as controller.

You can install IP Tv apps to watch live TV, or use Netflix

As well as TV shows and movies, Android TV lets you play games, much like PlayStation TV and Amazon Fire TV do. Android TV will rely on the Google Play Store to deliver content, but the search will also comb through third party streaming services such as Netflix when relevant.

If you’ve got Netflix, Blinkbox or Prime Instant Video installed on Android TV and you ask it to look for films starring Cate Blanchett, Android TV should look through all of those to see what’s available.

Naturally, you’ll also be able to watch regular TV, if that floats your boat.

Like Chromecast, Android TV also doubles as a streamer with its Cast feature. So users can find content on their mobiles or the Chrome browser and flick it over to their Android TV, no worries.